Santa Tour Update
By Chief Mike Montieth
December 12, 2021

Santa Tour Update... Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate and Santa had to stop early with the rain that came in. We will be taking Santa out again on Tuesday and will start where we left off.

Tuesday December 14, 2021 Starting Time 6:00PM

-Dunnington @ Oriole
-Stonehall @ Taney
-Dunnington @ Key
-Ivy @ Susquehanna
- Wellford @ Dunnington
-Harbour Town Dr
- Briggs Chaney @ Myrtle Ave
- Castle Pines
- Old Gunpowder Spur

Then we will continue with the scheduled route:

-Ammendale Way @ Long Feather Ct.
-Ammendale Way @ Clear Brooke Ct.
-Ammendale Way @ Narrow Trail Terr.
-Ammendale Way @ Horse Soldier Pl.
-Ammendale Way @ Ammendale Rd.
-Ammendale Rd. @ Hawk Ridge Ct.
-Saquoia Ln. @ Saquioa Terr.
-Saquoia Ln. @ Saquoia Pl.
-Ammendale Rd. @ Hidden Brooke Ct.
-Old Muirkirk @ Muirkirk Rd.
-Old Muirkirk @ Longwood Dr,
-Longwood Dr. @ Cailen Ct.
-Longwood Dr. @ Belmar Ct.
-Stanmore Dr. @ Breyers Pl.
-Stanmore Dr. @ Blue Pond Terr.
-Sullivan Ct. @ Burdette Way
-Longwood Dr. @ Pawling Way
-Longwood Dr. @ Loughborough Pl.
-Longwood Dr. @ Blue Pointe Ave.
-Alloway Ln. @ Northhampton Dr.
-Northhampton Dr. @ Crossfield Dr.
- Brickyard Development