By Member Chris Scheer
January 26, 2024


Good Afternoon All:

Regarding the paid staff at the Beltsville Volunteer Fire Department -as promised, here is update #1.

As we had agreed upon on Wednesday evening after the meeting, Chief Green and I spoke yesterday.
I stated yesterday that Chief Green would only be holding virtual meetings going forward, this may
not have been accurate. During our discussion she has committed to being present at another community
meeting. There is not a definitive date and/or time set yet because of previous obligations in her schedule,
but it looks like it will take place sometime after February 11th.

A date has been set, and will include members of the BVFD, for the inspection of our station that the
County wants to perform.

The County has begun to look into alternative solutions for housing the career staff. This includes trailers,
however this is quite an expensive solution. They have requested that the BVFD foot the bill for this and I
don't believe that this is something we may be able to commit to financially - however our Board of Directors
has scheduled a meeting to discuss it.

Since diesel exhaust fumes in the firehouse is a primary concern of Chief Green's, I have requested that an
air quality test be performed. This would enable us to determine if there is indeed an immediate hazard that
needs to be mitigated. I have asked that it be independent of the other inspection scheduled so that we can
receive quicker results and get work done immediately if necessary.

And finally I have been able to confirm for her that the Bond Bill grant we submitted for with the State of Maryland
does indeed include a request for funds specifically earmarked for upgrades/renovations/to correct potential
hazards of our station.

The men and women of the Beltsville Volunteer Fire Department remain committed to you.
Again I want to thank all of you for your support as we navigate through this important issue!!