Station 100% Staffed by Volunteers
By Chief's Aide Al Schwartz
July 15, 2017

Today the Beltsville Volunteer Fire Department operated under a 24hour VSU (Volunteer Staffing Utilization) this is an agreement between the volunteer corporations and Prince Georges County Fire Department to assist in eliminating overtime. Career staff at station 31 would be sent to stations throughout the county to cover for personnel that are scheduled off. In return the department would receive additional funding to assist with day to day operations to run the station. Rumor has it that this program maybe coming to a end due to an agreement between the County and Union, stay turned for more information.

The department has maintained 3 crews. members arrived just before 7 this morning starting the day with apparatus checks, cleaning of the station and apparatus, stood by at a local church health fair, morning drill, enjoyed a breakfast, lunch and dinner together then attended a joined drill with the Laurel Volunteer Fire Department and Laurel Volunteer Rescue Squad. All this in between responding on calls assisting the citizens of Beltsville and Northern Prince Georges County.